This page features The Way City Church's assortment of ways to connect ...

2021 plans & activities

Spiritual Plan

Consistent opportunities for growth and connection available every Wednesday of the month:

  • Church Prayer Online (1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month)

    Join the prayer gathering online at 8 pm EST

    1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month

  • Family Devotion / Personal Devotion (2nd Wednesday of the month)

    Dedicate a family time of devotion or a time of personal devotion for singles. 

    2nd Wednesday of the month

  • Prayer & Accountability Partner (4th Wednesday of the month)

    Sign up and be paired up with a brother/sister in Christ. The general format will be a phone call scheduled for a time partners agree on and will last roughly 30 minutes covering 3 general target areas:

    1) our country and government, 2) The Way City Church, and 3) family and personal concerns, as well as any other areas you might be led to pray for.


We are serving our unsheltered community and have put together some useful bags filled with items to assist with their needs. Give to this cause. When you reach the giving form, on the drop-down menu under the dollar amount, select “HUGS”.